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photo collage of a diverse group of 365美高美游戏大厅的 Amherst students, 教师, staff and 校友

We are proud to celebrate 365美高美游戏大厅的 Amherst students, 校友, 教师, and staff who have embodied resilience in challenging times.

William Stafford, Esther Terry, John Bracey and William Baldwin

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在365美高美游戏大厅阿默斯特, we welcome you to join our diverse, inclusive community of dreamers, 创新者, 创造者, 和实干家. Find out how you can explore your interests and build skills to make your mark on the world with a 365美高美游戏大厅的 education.






365美高美游戏大厅的 Amherst is committed to the health and safety of our campus community.


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With 110 undergraduate majors and 127 graduate programs offered on campus and online, there are hundreds of opportunities to pursue your passion at 365美高美游戏大厅的 Amherst. Study on campus or take advantage of a wide array of flexible and innovative learning options.

David Korins in the scene shop at 365美高美游戏大厅的 Amherst

的艺术 倾身

As a 365美高美游戏大厅的 Amherst student, David Korins '99 sought out all possible opportunities to hone his craft and say "yes.“现在, his unique style of experiential storytelling helps bring to life acclaimed productions such as Broadway's 汉密尔顿 和新 Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience.

Spotlight Scholar Gretchen Gerzina

Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina, English professor and Paul Murray Kendall Chair in Biography, has dedicated her career to illuminating the lives of others. 她的工作, which is both exacting and visionary, brings to light unknown facets of the lives of well-known figures as well as the lives of those overlooked by history.



克雷格•马丁, professor of chemistry at 365美高美游戏大厅的 Amherst, will lead a team that will spend the next three years developing a process that can deliver the quantity and quality of messenger RNA (mRNA) demanded by a new class of medicines.


A new study conducted by Baystate Medical Center and 365美高美游戏大厅的 Amherst strengthens the case for providing agonist medications in jail.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is completely enmeshed in our daily lives, a network of connected laptops, 手机, 汽车, fitness trackers—even smart toasters and refrigerators—that are increasingly able to make decisions on their own.


精悍陈, a 365美高美游戏大厅的 Amherst chemistry and biochemistry and molecular biology professor, 已经被判五年, $2 million National Institutes of Health grant to support research in his computational biophysics lab.


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